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Judo in the North Wellington area is conducted within the many Judo clubs throughout our region with exceptional Judo Instructors in safe, controlled environments.

From the Levin Judo Club to the New Plymouth Judo Club, training sessions are also held in Wanganui at the Wanganui Judo Club, Wanganui City College Judo Club, Palmerston North Judo Club, and the Forgotten Arts Judo Club also in Palmerston North.


North Wellington Area Blue and White Tournament 3rd Dec 2017

The 2017 North Wellington Area Judo Blue and White Tournament will be held on Sunday 3rd December at Whanganui City College gymnasium in Whanganui. The tournament is for new and lower grade judoka (white, yellow and orange belts). The aim is to introduce lower grade judoka to competition in a more relaxed tournament where the emphasis is on participation and having fun, rather that winning at all costs.

Who: Any registered judo players from North Wellington Area at White (6 kyu), Yellow (5 kyu) or Orange (4 kyu) grades who have not competed or have competed only once at an Open championship tournament.
Where: Whanganui City College gymnasium, 84 Ingestre Street, Whanganui
When: Sunday 3rd December
Time: Morning session 10am - 12pm (midday) training, Afternoon session 1pm - 2pm (ish) fights competition
Cost: Free
Host Club: Whanganui City College Judo
Contact: Garry Davies or Danny Hall for any further information

Please visit the respective Judo Clubs pages for further information on how you can participate in this exciting sport for all ages.

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